Meat and a tortilla. Every bite is a pleasure. It’s within this simplicity that we savor the taco’s immediate appeal.

But it’s also within this simplicity that an appreciation of the complex can be realized. A culinary complexity as diverse as the history of Mexico itself.

And while the taco has become a beloved staple of American food culture its typical interpretation does not begin to reveal its amazing potential.

At Nixtaco we want to open people’s eyes, and palates, to a whole new take on Mexican food. A distinctly Northern Mexican take, using recipes simmered in tradition, yet fired upon the flames of innovation.

Maintaining its delicious simplicity, while highlighting its truly complex history. Our menu is simple. Like that of a really real street taqueria, one where a Mexican would eat IN Mexico.

We use yellow corn tortillas made from nixtamal for our corn tacos. The tortilla is such an important part of the taco that gets usually overlooked and we wanted to give it its due.